The SERVICE area

The service area comprehensively covers the value chain of data management. In short: you provide us with the input, and we provide the output.

In doing so, we ensure that the respective tasks are carried out as efficiently as possible. You receive the results in the desired and defined target format, or we supply your target system directly.

  • SERVICE Takeover of the data management and delivery of the results in the target format or directly into the target system
  • EXAMPLES Data migration, data crawling, data science, data analysis
  • PRICE As a one-off amount, permanently in a framework contract or regularly at an hourly rate.

Your benefits with us:

  • Clear, optimized data
  • Uncomplicated retrievable
  • Available at any time
  • Flexible contracts
  • No need to install new software on your premises!
  • You can concentrate on your daily business and still get all relevant data at a glance with just a few clicks!

Applications / Examples:

  • Data migration
  • Master data cleansing
  • Data cleansing
  • Data enrichment
  • Data update
  • Data crawling

How does it work?

  • πŸ‘‹

    First consultation

    Free initial consultation by phone or during an online appointment.

  • πŸ‘Œ


    The kickoff is a workshop that lasts half a day or a whole day, which may be subject to a fee, and already provides benefits. Already the workshop results can be used profitably, even if you refrain from further work with RUNWAY36.

  • πŸ’ͺ


    Let us take care of data management tasks for you, either externally or in-house - on a one-off, on-demand or regular basis. You can choose between different contract models with us: one-time offer, volume contract or framework contract. There is no new software installation in the company.

  • πŸ‘

    Get started

    You get ready results delivered or performed.

Quick, clear and uncomplicated:
Our service in data management

The service area is aimed at companies that would like to have data management processes carried out individually and with a maximum share of service. RUNWAY36 starts where other systems, such as ERP software, CRM applications or workarounds in Excel spreadsheets, reach their limits.

With our three-tier service structure, we offer the right service for every requirement. While we provide a basis for independent data management with the Cloud, Enterprise is individually tailored to the needs of a company.

The Service area is suitable for companies that want to place parts of their data management or data administration in trustworthy hands. We deliver the results directly in the desired format or into the target system.

Can't find the right service area? We are happy to help with ideas, questions and suggestions!