Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We are a software company based in Herrenberg near Stuttgart. From here we support our customers nationwide and internationally in data management.

Where is customer data stored?

All data stored in our data management systems is exclusively encrypted and stored in certified data centers in Germany.

Why can't I find accurate pricing information on the website?

Our services are often tailored very differently to customer needs. This results in different price models according to the service area, which cause different costs depending on the solution approach. In doing so, we strive to provide our customers with maximum benefit and to realize fair prices. This is not possible to the same extent in a rigid standardized pricing model.

Does RUNWAY36 support the integration of external software in its service areas?

Of course! We work together with other software systems via interfaces.

Is data management always linked to software from RUNWAY36?

No. That is exactly why we see our services as a service. We have an extensive software system for data management tasks. In some cases it is helpful to use this software or to integrate it into internal processes. In many cases, however, companies are already well equipped with their existing software landscape, so it is more a matter of the right data management strategy and the profitable use of the existing software systems. In all cases and projects, we first examine the use of existing options before implementing additional systems.