Individual process support
The Enterprise service

Enterprise combines all the functions you need for clean, fast and always accessible company data.

Whether data migration or master data management, RUNWAY36 provides you with a customised toolbox for the implementation of professional data management and sets up all required processes. In doing so, a precisely customised process is achieved that moves your company forward and raises the potential of existing processes and data to the next level.

Of course, the Enterprise service can also be carried out with the use of the customer's software.

  • Service Data management system as SaaS application or on-premise, including setup, configuration and support
  • EXAMPLES Production planning, capacity planning, central master data management for various systems
  • PRICE The cost framework depends on the project volume and project duration.

Your benefits with us

  • With Enterprise you get your customized toolbox with individually tailored services for your requirements
  • Individual hosting on RUNWAY36 servers or on-premise at your site, for pure consulting orders also the use of customer software is possible
  • The configuration according to your needs
  • Wide range of applications, such as production and capacity planning, customs administration, address data administration and master data management
  • Long-term optimal control and management of projects of any size

Applications / Examples:

  • Production planning
  • Capacity planning
  • Customs management
  • Address data management
  • Master data management

How does it work?

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    First consultation

    Kostenfreie Erstberatung per Anruf oder während eines Online-Termins.

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    The kickoff is a workshop that lasts half a day or a whole day, which may be subject to a fee, and already provides benefits. Already the workshop results can be used profitably, even if you refrain from further work with RUNWAY36.

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    Implementation of the data management service using our software, third-party software, or as an in-house process at your site.

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    Get started

    We take over the project monitoring and if necessary its extension.

Service Landscape
Our data management service

The Enterprise Service is designed for companies that want to implement data management processes individually and with a high level of service in their operations. RUNWAY36 starts where other systems, such as ERP software, CRM applications or workarounds in Excel spreadsheets, reach their limits.

With our three-level service structure, we offer the right service for every requirement. While we provide a basis for independent data management with the Cloud, Enterprise is individually tailored to the needs of a company.